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What position do you want?

none 0.21052631578947 21.1% [ 4 ]
user 0.15789473684211 15.8% [ 3 ]
security 0.052631578947368 5.3% [ 1 ]
moderator 0.21052631578947 21.1% [ 4 ]
prince/ queen 0.36842105263158 36.8% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 19 ]
The reason its not open yet is because I don't have enough money so donate. Heres the rules:
I want everyone in this forum to choose the name of the guild. Thats right, I want you guys to think of a name and topic for the guild. Another problem is I need money to create a guild, so donators, I love you guys. I will think of a way to repay donators once the guild starts. If you post a guild name, It will go in the poll, and other people will vote on it. I am willing to pay up to 1000 gold for art for the guild, depending on what I think its worth. I will also use the art in the forum with your username by it (if you want it). Also tell me what should happen in the guild, so next weeks poll can be about that. But any donators will be benefited hugely. Any donators will be ranked higher than those who just join. The ranks and costs will be listed on the next post
You CAN make payments if you can't get it to me all at once. I will put all the gold into a seperate account so I don't go blow it all. It will be used for the guild. This guild will also be a guild for when Gaia battling starts. Just give me some ideas about anything and I will appreciate them. If you've got nothing else to say then bump so we can at least keep the forum going. Thanks everyone.

People and positions:
security-lxl grim lxl
user- Marluxiasmex
no mods yet
no princes/ queens yet
PM me if you want a position and if it costs gold then send a trade with money. If the guild doesn't work out you'll get your money back.

after a week or so the vote will change so heres the link to the other forum dedicated to this guild:
other link
It's the exact same thing except probobaly more people will post and the vote changes every once in a while.
List of people
King: Me- Makes rules, controls guild
Queen(girl) or Prince(boy) : makes rules, suggests rules, controls forums, cost: 3k
Moderators: Can make new forums, suggests rules, cost: 1k
Security: Reports bad things in the forum to me, cost: Guild entrance fee
User: Can post in forums, votes on rules cost: Guild entrance fee
Users and security Cannot post new forums, but they can post in them.

I'm at 2k now and i need 20k so this is gonna be hard. Thats why I need money. There can be more than 1 moderator (hopefully) and more than one queen or prince. If you donate to me you will be refunded your money when the guild starts. If you want any of these positions, you will need to send a trade with the money. After I receive the money your name will be on the list for whatever you chose.
+--No one will want to join if they have to pay. >_>--+
I Would be honored to be a mod!Ill pay the 1k but,wait,lets make the name into the ZAGIB A.K.A The Zurg and Gaian's in black. And this could be the Form to sighn up!


NAME~King Zurg
HISTORY AN BACKROUND OF YOURSELF~I am at gaia to make friends with the gaians,and take revenge on the G.I.B because they killed my famly,I know how to speak in english and in zurg.And i ounce was a leader leading wars.Also I knw Zurg moves to fight.

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