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Hmmm... The real GiB thought that it was sounding like "War of the Worlds", but thats one of the two books that I never finished reading after I started it, so I'm not sure if this is true.
ninja I don't see any cows here...
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Perhaps, yet, the aliens that contacted Earth in War of the Worlds" did not even start out friendly... I don't think they mean...Harm, exactly....but i am not sure WHAT they are meaning right now.
may i have my ID please? ^^
Well im SURE that some of them *coughelevenhackfivecough* want to eat us... others *coughtwocough* seem friendly, and yet OTHERS I have no clue what-so-ever... *coughmothersiphackandotherscough*

Excuse me, I seem to have a bit of a cough today...
Check Page 3 For your ID... It's there, I swear it is...
lol, nice.
ninja lol? What could you possibly be talking about ninja
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New Information!! This just in! I have recived intel from Mod/User Fleep, which is quoted as follows:

1. All abducted admins have been returned to the Gaia World with no memory of what transpired on the UFOs.

2. There has been no word on the much beloved UFO 09. Maybe we'll hear from him again?

3. I flew one of the UFOs. But which one, I'm not telling!

4. Apparently, the cows appearing in the forums are mooing in some kind of code

This was taken directly from Mod/User Fleep's Journal entry, which can be found Here

A code? From the cows... Could the cows have been trying to communicate important information to us, or were they telling the Zurg our greatest weaknesses?


Perhaps this weeks comic has something to do with it? The comic Featuring Gambino and the Buckin' Bino was relavant, maybe this is where #9 has dissapeared to???

~~Agent Toluth~~
i see the pictures of them, but nothing else
Wo0t! You rock mrgreen

Everyone, give her a hand!

*goes to post it*
that entry was sort of old. i've seen it, but didn't think about it once this started happening. i like the theory about 09, i already read the comic and it makes sense
but where to find him
he'd be just an alien wandering around, the ship is gone for good though if that's the case
so, um, how do i get my ID if all i see is an image of it, no link or codes anywhere
'Tis called upload to your own server, or, if your lazy, quote my post and you can copy the code directly.

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