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*lurks* ninja
*is looking for people to be in the next induction*
I PMed Rina:"Why are the Aliens Tipping cows?Or having contact with cows?"I am waiting for her reply.^^
this is the zurg pass words if you want to see for your self send this to all your freinds

• urmothership

2nd Page:

• foo
• bar
• baz
• quux

3rd Page:



•Lotus Elise



((NOTE:Make sure you don't paste the bullet (•)at the beginning of the link.
Make sure you erase the spaces at the end of the link.

Make sure the next four passwords are put in EXACTLY as you see them on page one, except without the bullets(•) of course.

If this still doesn't work, you're doing something wrong. Plenty of us have gotten into the zurg's 4th page with these passwords, including myself.))

4th Page:

• there is no cow level

• zurg1234

• delta
The Evil Cheese Database
*is looking for people to be in the next induction*
Hey, Agent Error. How's it?--+
Are there just a bunch of GIB agents that lurk here or something?
Magnesium Dioxide
Are there just a bunch of GIB agents that lurk here or something?
+-- Check outside, I lurk everywhere. >_>--+
The leader of T.I. a.k.a. myself, sends the leader of G.I.B.W. an olive branch, if you will. I say we form an alliance. Just leave a comment on my profile. Thank you.
Aaron le Gunp
09, current leader of the Zurg Hive (formerly known as Zurg Nation), is leader in name only, and is currently under the control of his sister, 06. 06 (and, possibly, Mother) plan to kidnap Santa and hijack the Santa Mech so as to distribute Grunnies throughout gaia (which they have the cure for, thanks to Johnny K. Gambino).

Enough information to get me through the doors? Or do I have to post all the proof, too? I warn you, it's pretty wordy.

EDIT: Oh, and Moof is the name of the Hero of Zurg. He is said to have united all of Zurg, although it is unclear as to how he achieved this.

I'd like to see all the proof, if possible. :3

Proof, consisting mainly of excerpts from Towns conversations:

BreakerZer0: Do you posses the power to ressurect zombies?
[NPC] alien_ufo_04: G-VIRUS

Tai Naito: Do you know anything about 02's moon trip, such as the moon bunnies?
[NPC] alien_ufo_04: 02 DOES NOT MAKE SENSE
(It should be noted that earlier, 02 has said that the "moon bunnies" abuse him. Which makes sense, since Grunnies are violent and tempermental)

[NPC] alien_ufo_04
Omega Will
[NPC] alien_ufo_04
Omega Will
[NPC] alien_ufo_04
Omega Will
I hope I do not bother you with all the messages. I just wish to know more about you. Oh, and I can read Bianary, so it will be fine if you feel confortable with that.


Well She can be a bit mean, but I guess family has to look after each other. She does have your best interest in mind I hope. And you are speaking it very well I see. I hope you are enjoying yorself on Gaia. It would be shame if you all left. Do you enjoy anything here?


Really? I like the grunnies as well. I collect every item they are put on. Do you enjoy any activities here?


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As you will notice, there is a line connecting a Zurg and the Santa Mech. Meaning that is the pilot.

Also, I looked up Nonce on Wiki (Nonce being that word in the error messages if you try to post the same thing more than once, or if you try to post too quickly:

Nonce word
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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A nonce word is a word used only "for the nonce"—to meet a need that is not expected to recur. Quark, for example, was a nonce word appearing only in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake until Murray Gell-Mann quoted it to name a new class of subatomic particle. The use of the term nonce word in this way was apparently the work of James Murray, the influential editor of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Nonce words frequently arise through the combination of an existing word with a familiar prefix or suffix, in order to meet a particular need (or as a joke). The result is not a non-word: although it would not be found in any dictionary, it is instantly comprehensible (e.g., bananular phone). If the need recurs (or the joke is widely enjoyed), nonce words easily enter regular use (initially as neologisms) just because their meaning is obvious.

In recent Spanish vernacular, nonce words are being created as part of pop culture and advertising campaigns, often by taking the standard participle form of any verb and adding the English suffix -ing at the end, e.g. "Vuelting" as part of a Spanish airline's advertising slogan.

Grunny is a Nonce word, a combination of Green and Bunny. Two different error messages have started showing up, one of them having FOO (one of the codes for the Zurg page) and Nonce. If Gaia is willing to use something as obscure as metasyntactic variables (foo, bar, baz, and quux) then it makes sense.

There was a Grunny invasion, and yet now there are none. I suspect that they were deposited somewhere (possibly the moon, it would make about as much sense as half the other stuff here on Gaia) and that the Zurg found them. Here it gets to be guess work... Mother said that Gambino was going to "cure" them. The cure for grunny zombification is the only cure I can think of that Johnny K. Gambino would be in posession of, since he was the one who funded G Corp. They probably accidentally landed on some nearby moon, that moon being where we dropped off all of our world's grunnies.

Motive: Revenge.
Mind if I post this in the GIB guild?
Omfg, GiB invasion.
Aaron le Gunp
Omfg, GiB invasion.
+--Pretty much. We have nowhere better to go. ^_^--+
T-demon aka Kuma
Mind if I post this in the GIB guild?

Go ahead. It's my hope to someday be in GIB, believe it or not. Although I'm afraid by now it's a little out of date. Everything seems to be unveiling itself, so my research is a little on the pointless side.
Rina didnt answer me. T.T
Ayu The Ninja
Rina didnt answer me. T.T
+-- Rina doesn't answer anyone. -.-'' She's one of the not very interactive NPCs..--+

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