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I, myself, am not an agent of GiB. I got interested as soon as they stopped accepting members. But I am interested in The UFO's, their objectives, hostilities, and whatever the Hell Moof is. (Currently questioning 05 on Moof. Very slow conversation)

What is Gib-W?

So whats up with this "GiB-W" thing? Well, let me tell you.

Ever since GiB was featured in the announcements, they haven't been accepting members. This is a thread for those who are serious about wanting to join, and are willing to put there heart into it.

Any Perks?

Surprisingly, Yes. Members of the GiB-W Get a free ID card, just like in GiB. They also get to feel like there part of the action- even though we're really not.

How Do I Join?

This is were it gets a bit tricky. GiB-W isn't accepting just anyone. You have to prove your worth, and your dedication. Simple really. Contact any [NPC] and question them on The Aliens, Cows, or the plot in general. Report any important facts you happen to find. Important: You do NOT have to find anything when you interview them- you just have to try!



Merelii Toluth

Yes, I know. Small.


All information that the GiB-W have gathered is stated here:

#19~ Whats up with the number nineteen? The Aliens seem to have a "Thing" for it.

09 MISSING~ round and round it goes, where it stops no body knows. 09 Has been missing for quite some time, Where Could it be?

MOTHER SHIP~ The mother ship seams to be against her sons actions. But is she really?

MOOF~ No Clue. Sorry. I'm trying to figure it out though.

[NPC] RON BRUISE~ The aliens have some sort of obsession with him and his "big head"- whats that all about?!? Ron was the first person to make contact with the Aleins.

STINKING PRIMATES~ The Aliens beleive in evolution. Amusing.

MOON BUNNIES~ 02 went to the moon and back, and guess what he saw? Thats right, moon bunnies. Not sure if teh bunnies will have any significance in the plot, But they are an interesting detail. 02 claims that the MB's poked him with sticks... But they seemed to know the way to earth. Not sure if that's good- or bad.

[NPC] RON BRUISE~What? He's been sited in fishing? Okay, not really "sighted" because there wasn't a picture, and he only talked once. A long string of giberish. Was this a glitch? Or does it actually mean something?

#08~ Did You know that every single #?? is on every single #?? friend list, but #08 is the only one on Mother Ships? Another Mystery...


1. All abducted admins have been returned to the Gaia World with no memory of what transpired on the UFOs.

2. There has been no word on the much beloved UFO 09. Maybe we'll hear from him again?

3. I [Admin Fleep] flew one of the UFOs. But which one, I'm not telling!

4. Apparently, the cows appearing in the forums are mooing in some kind of code

This was taken directly from Mod/User Fleep's Journal entry, which can be found Here

A code? From the cows... Could the cows have been trying to communicate important information to us, or were they telling the Zurg our greatest weaknesses?


Perhaps this weeks comic has something to do with it? The comic Featuring Gambino and the Buckin' Bino was relavant, maybe this is where #9 has dissapeared to???


Just in case ;)
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HI-lo! I'm gonna joinify, just gimme a bit for the questioning-of-the-NPCs.
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