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I'll begin. Let me go grab my giant olive fork and you get on the sacrificial table. Then I can ritually eviscerate you, burn your disemboweled innards, and make love to your dead body.

kay? :3
yay!! mature!!! XD xp
I killed this thread!
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Indeed you did *lol*
It's not every day you see a thread more awkward than the first post xp
You think this is awkward for US?! Think about how 07 feels!
how did u get pregnant?It will probably be gross,but amussing
07 is one of my regular "customers" smile wink
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stare This person is weird. Some of the posts following the person are weird. Me posting my thoughts on this board are weird...

Whatever goes on, I know it will end up in pain.

I don't make any sense, I don't think.

I shall remove my presence now and leave 0.o for this board.
where are all the sexy aliens at?
i'm surprised no one reported this yet rofl... its so retarded lol
hey people whats up! hey.. where is 07 its his party after all.... oh well... guess all the ladies are mine then ^^
Random things to think about in 2007:

If a tree falls in the forest does anyone really care?

If Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair, should he be arrested for public indecency?

How the hell can you pick pickeled peppers? How do they even grow?


Is anyone really going to care to read this?

Have fun thinking all this over...or not.
wow i ahve ben sitting here ofr about five minutes.. (not checking time it jsut feels like it) and hardly anyone has posted that makes me sad....

oh and to answer your questions zexion

if your dog is loose in it then yes

I shold say so or use a balding formula

and no i was just bored though

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