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avenge 09?

yes 0.60377358490566 60.4% [ 64 ]
no 0.21698113207547 21.7% [ 23 ]
poll whore 0.17924528301887 17.9% [ 19 ]
Total Votes:[ 106 ]
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I understand that most of you are still loyal to the Zurg, if that is the case this may not be the place for you.

12/06/2006: we are currently at peace with the zurg, that means no attacking unless they break the treaty and attack first.

Hello i am 13-R of course that is my code name, but that is all i shall use, and you must use to address me. Recently 06 and his brother shot down 09,and even i as i fellow zurg find that a little to mush, and feel that 09 must be avenged. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. Join me and my cause and together we can punish 06 and his brother for their crimes.
Join the Zurg rebelion to bring Freedom, Justice, and Honor to our people.

to join you you must...
want to avenge 09
be able to take down 06 and his brother, even if it costs you your life.
willing to betray mother ((if necessary)) to complete our task in avenging 09.

to join please fill this out
user name:
code name:
area of interest: (what rank you want)

loyal members:
leader: 13-R (Agent Ookami-chan)
MoonlightSunrise (o0saphira0o)
Propaganda: KsZ (Reonia)
Sargeant of the Zurg rebellion army: Zarla (Ranusha)
Strategist: Defender of the blue moon (High Sumoner Kratos)
Spy: CC (Cherry_chain)
squad comander: the gears of war (jigen-spawn)
Tactical Offical/Assassin: Phoenix of the Azure Knights (Rezu S. Darkness)
Disguise Desinger/Spearman: Flame Wulf (Sora23789)
fighter pilot/infantry: Darkwing (hotty6666)
Covert Operations: Wolf (Phelps)
Alien-Human Communicator: Not2so2hot (IcyPrince8 cool

feel free to make your own member ship card... just be sure it has "Zurg Rellion" and your code name on it.
11 confessed publicly and in private PMs to shooting 09. Since then he has also publicly asked for forgiveness.

10 challenged him to a duel, and 11 went, willing to sacrifice his own life because he regretted what he did.

11 then convinced 10 that peace was better.

All of this is public record, available in the GIT thread, in the Believers thread, even in ANBU, so you're defintiely wrong.

This morning, Mother grounded 6. You can see that in the Zurg Nation thread.

A while back, before the Halloween event, they did an interview with some of the Zurg's superiors. While some of them did seem friendly, and somewhat arrogant, others were clearly hostile, and I believe that the Zurgs either intend to devour Gaians or use them for livestock. I'm not entirely sure, but they have spoke of a transportation system consisting of what we call cows. This would explain why they abduct cows, but maybe something more sinister is in the works...

Other info: Odd numbered Zurgs are Male. Even numbered Zurgs are female.

Their strategies known thus far are: Abduction, probing, and studying the Gaian Population.
join it... *Shakes fist*
to join please fill this out
user name: o0saphira0o
code name: MoonlightSunrise
area of interest: um....what?
welcome to the rebelion 3nodding
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Vermillion Sage

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user name: Ranusha
code name: Zarla
area of interest: Sargeant of the Zurg rebellion army. (If I can have that position. )
welcome 3nodding
must....get revenge......
Sign Me UP
username:High Sumoner Kratos
code name biggrin efender of the blue moon
Area of interest: Strategist/Wizard
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Dapper Swapper

So, whats the buzz, tell me what'sa happening? (Oh yes, I have that musical stuck in my head)

No seriously though, what's the agenda?
so what is there to do in this rebelion
Ok, our first order of operations is recruiting more to our army. in every thread you see with poeple that want to avenge 09 just make up some kind of reason to join and post the lnk or whatever... just get more people

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