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We are simply a group of individuals who simply ADORE a certain Zurgian Empress of sorts.. hehe. :3

Zooeep likes pirates, so that's who we are. Simple as that.

Though there are occassional ninjas, don't mind them at all... They are used as a last resort. xD

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Approved by Zooeep! ;3

  • New thread created.

The Rules

  • be kind and courtious, don't want to go and spread Darknrgy. D:
  • Please follow the ToS.
  • Don't come in here to bash the plot, the zurgs, or ANYONE for the matter.
  • Since this is an empress aproved group, ZH members are ALLOWED to join.
  • More comming as we list them. ;D

Here you will find profiles of complied information of Zooeep, Zoit, and Sorn. :3 Favorite quotes, screenies, and all that what not are included! ;D

This area is under construction.




Joining isn't hard, just Pm The pirate crew mule.

    So, ya want ta be a pirate? ...Or an intergalactic ninja, hmm?

    Right now we don't have badges. #__#


    [NPC] alien Zooeep

    [NPC] alien Zoit (Maybe)

    Chaos Rainbow<Commander>
    Captain Jessie Hawk


    Mommy GeeDee <Cook>
    Yeata Zi <Crow's Nest, Rope Monkey>
    Aznburninator <Smuggler>
    Le Muffin Man <Chef>
    Deus Vivit
    Cherry Springer

    Cabin Boys


    Ninja Task Force Leader
    [NPC] alien sorn (Maybe)

    Ninja Task Force:

Major Announcements!

    None at this time! o:


Links to and fro!

    Links To
    :3 To link to us it's simply, just copy the code for which ever banner you like, so far we only have one... but's that's ok! ;D

    If you wish to submit a banner, please PM it to The Pirate Crew mule. biggrin

    Links Out

Onto thy ship! Arrr! Set th' sails to east! Arr!!

I' be makin' some rum && lobsta! Arr!
Good work biggrin
ninja .. hmm... may I join this crew? ;D
Oh yes, FL me. :3
The Pirate Crew Mule
Oh yes, FL me. :3

ninja D:
Diehard_Dreamer's avatar

Dapper Genius

1,600 Points
  • Happy Birthday! 100
  • Hygienic 200
  • Bunny Spotter 50
ninja vs. pirate

RAWR! xD Ooo, contest!
Cherry Springer
The Pirate Crew Mule
Oh yes, FL me. :3

ninja D:

Arrrr!!! Yee car' for sum rum!?
-hands you a mug cup with rum over floating, and spilling-
Arr! Yee drink rum!

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