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Despite confusion because of multiple recruitment threads, this is now the official recruitment thread. I am sorry for the confusion but it is easier for ZH to use the guild mule to update instead of a singular person updating it.
Welcome to the official Zurg Hive recruitment! If you were NOT accepted [you were on waiting list] please post here once more.

Also ONE person can post only ONCE.
All conversations will be reported.
If anyone wants to talk, is mostly welcomed here or in old recruitment thread

If you want to become a Zurg Hive supporter use this tablet to make your temporary ID card until you are accepted into the guild:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

A note: Our organization no longer stands for destroying gaians. We are here to protect Zurg. If you disagree with this, please do not request to join.

The best way to get in the hive is to be active in the main thread. To be honest we don't regularly look at this thread, or update it often for that matter. Being active is the one true path into the Hive.

-If you have an issue with the list or any book-keeping issues PM "[EvilM]"
-If you have an issue with order,inforcement, bannings, need clarification on something, or need approval or something PM Eryphil, Foxumon, [bloody angel], or Fuhnetik.
-If you have an issue about spying PM [bloody angel].
-If you have an issue with members cards PM Foxumon.
-If you have an issue that involves the guild PM Eryphil.

    Le Muffin Man


    Invader Robby
    Inu Shadowbringer
    lemons make weird smiles
    Forbidden Toast

Rejected: [they cannot apply again]

Master Paint Disaster (Trying to sneak in the guild again?)
Talarian Steiner-Davion
`yagami light`
Cairo Ryong
Tray Dor
Jedi Master Mike
Cherry Springer
Agent Manketsu
the dark omen
.Sakura. no .Hana.
Danny Gambino
Carrion Kitten
Cyptosporidium 137
Gadjet 3.0
Kein Zepper
--The new recruitment thread is finally opened!--
*salutes* i guess i wil post here...i am on the waiting list in the other one sweatdrop
Earendil reporting in!
I wish to prove my loyalty to Zurg, and the empress.
I am aware of two of the rules, and is still wondering if there is still more.
As the owner of the Adamant, I will personally be on the mission to stop you, and I want you all to know that as you find your ship and your kind under attack, it is in fact the Adamant shooting you down.
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Militant Bunny

16,000 Points
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  • Marathon 300
  • Jack-pot 100
I would be honored and privlaged to fight on the zurg hive.
'Cause one of your ships came after me and my crew in Barton Town! ((Towns))

I'm gonna get my revenge for Max.
Why not set aside our differences and work together.
I'd like to join 3nodding To protect my friends, Zurg and Gaian.
If ya'd like me to do anything (go green, talk to someone, fill out an application) please let me know.
I submit my name for recruitment, once again.
Hail Zurg!

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