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06 and 11 and are behind 09 disapearance!! Down with 06 and 11
Indeed they are, but who needs that gaian loving zurg? he was worthless.
Down with 06 and 11!!
No. surprised
You gaians come in thinking you know the whole story because you read a tiny manga. Please, take down 11, it would be better that way.
All I know is that 09 was labeled a traitor and destroyed for befriending Gaians.

If you say there's more to it than that, then tell us. We make assumptions based on information we know; we can't change those assumptions based on information we don't know.
If you ask me we should find out were the aliens are and give them a piece of my mind!!!
Down with 06 and 11!!
******** 06 AND 11 TO HELL!!!!!!
I agree, down with 06 and 11! cold-hearted fiends!!!
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I'm down with 06 and 11... they be my homies...
11 aint even here! He up and left like a papa with child support... shoot, get yur 411 straight before you vomit up all in here!
down with all of them i say
dont u kno that dey have declared invasion
DOWN WITH 6 AND 11!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm with u guys now... DOWN WITH 6 AND 11!!!
High Sumoner Kratos
down with all of them i say
dont u kno that dey have declared invasion

Ah... incorrect.

-Mother said that her intentions in Gaia are peaceful, and there will be no war.
-The Zurg army will only be used in defence, and as a last resort.
-11 was the one who shot down 09, not 06, and he has already apologised for his actions.
-09 is still alive
-09 was acting like a traitor; he was sick, and his sickness made him delusional, so he began telling everyone that Mother intended to invade Gaia and take over. Which isn't true. 11 and 06 thought that he was trying to stir up Gaians against the Zurg and begin a war, so they - 11, mostly - attacked him.
-11 is currently missing. He ran off with 10 after they discovered the true value of love.

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