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I would love to be cooked^^
dont be suck a baby 05...we just like aliens b***h
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Have you ever even tried eating a Gaian before? I am sure that they give horrible gas problems. So horrible that your ship will become unihabitable from the inside.

You should try a**l probing them instead. It's more fun to hear the way they scream. cool
It's hypotenuses that give him gas, not Gaians.
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Fine, 05. .

Can I be the desert? 4laugh
mmm...I'd love to roast in your cast iron skillit, baby

You will never eat me D<

Okay, maybe I can be dessert too D;
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I think 05 should have a cooking show. That would be so sweet!
which is why we will destroy you 3nodding
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No need to cook a kit kat.

Can I be Second course?
05, would you like some tastey water meats?
Heh. Zurgs. It figures. They really are hostile. SO DIE ZURGS!!! GRAH!
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