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Dear Ufo #5

i was wondering if you would like to help me take over all of gaia, so we could rule together, just as long as i dont get eaten, ill let you get who ever you want to eat. as long as there not a member of the raven clan < thats my clan you know!

and as long as you leave enogh to reproduce, i will alow gaia to become like, hurding ground for gaians, just for you to choose and cook, eat, however you like.

What do You think????

OH and if you try to back satp be in the process, ill turn you into a block of ice that will never melt, this ice block will be protected by a ring of fire, and it will be zapped my lightning every 5 minutes.

And the raven clan army will Take down Your measilly invasion forces, and uild an army to find your home world, and ( although we of the raven clan are agianst war and slavery, and im sorta doin this outta personal gain < you selfish @!#$%^@ ice_raven is a selfish @!#$%^@ > )

we will enslave your race, so every gaian, can keep your kind as a pet.

other wise, leave annd dont come back.
If you were actually saying that to him, he would've stuffed you in his mouth in the middle of that speech. talk2hand

And besides, even if you did team up with him, he'd just eat you in your sleep. And every one of your "Raven Clan".
Why would he want to help you take over Gaia when he could just do it himself?
Yes but what i said about the ice block will happen if he eats me , for i am ice_raven ....... DUh
Yes but what i said about the ice block will happen if he eats me , for i am ice_raven ....... DUh

Sure it will, honey.
why do you ppl doubt me of my powers gonk

And besides, if they ever tried to take over gaia, i tell you.....
It will be the chaos i speak of in my sig
, but it wont be me drawing the sword.
leave that to Baja
i like it, ive never been a member of this clan, but i like this plan, ive never heard of this clan, but like the plan.

Hy, in the worst case senario > the zurg get turned into our pets smile

OR ambey we get all eaten and killed......

but who knows ?

Shut Up Donvu
YOu know nothing, of my plans or power, nothing other than whats typed here !!!!


> long live the domoko domokun
I am Donvu The Dark One
i take no orders from you ice raven.

i control the path between this world and the world of the dead.

And YOU Are Going to fell Pain When You enter the aftelife. MUCh Pain.

you Underestimate me, and i shall be the one to defeat you, 05 Leave ice Raven to me, i shall leave you his body, for a snack
drink Zurg to bring him to your side ~.~
it would help
but who would like this is 11, not 05
05 just want to eat you
I Dont see wher you want to go with this donvu,

The Thunder Element god Lanceor and the

Darkness Elemental god Wryneck

Water/ice Elemental god Merrows

Fire Elemental god Vulcan
and Sky, wind, and the creator of us all : Skyah

All protect me, besides you only gaurd the path, Wryneck owns the land of the dead!!!!, So you are out of luck Donvu.
Yanes what do you mean by that, who is to drink zurg, what side are you on?


Im not in the raven clan ICe Raven your gods cant affect me.
And even your dead fellow clanes pass through my gat, and guess what, when yu come trough imgona make sure you get to stay in the passage, never to reach your " Wryneck "

# 11 would like this eh?

Mabey we should some how move this onto his ufo ?
Learn to type Donvu!!!

And i dont care if the felow claners went through your gate, im sure that wasnt a council member, besides. i bet it was during the time of king_ravens riegn of terror.

things are diffrent now.

as for # 11, how would we go about moving all this there ... question
Can some one really get a mirror, so we can make ice raven look at him self?

he is just so over exagerating his powers.
i for one know my limits.
Who cares if he's a council member for some raven clan, you dont see none of them here on gaia eh?

So come on whos with me!!! ???
im not just some council member!!!!

i am the council member for the ice/water element of the raven clan of the magical ballance.

i am also the founder and webadmin for the clan.

And You Donvu....

You are he one who needs the mirror
besides there are raven clan members here on gaia.
more than you think


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