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Precious Seeker

Well, I am trying to write a journel that explains in detail everything involving the Zurg event (I'm planning on doing every event from here on out, but I'll do that on my own). So if you could please read this journel entry and give me additional information on what has happened thus far it would really help.

The Zurgs, an alien race that has (in accordance to a friend) long been obiting the space around Gaia, have landed. From what I read in the comic, there was a Halloween party in the Gambino Mansion and the Zurgs decided to abduct a person. However, due to other people around pulling this person down, they crash landed on Gaia!

Mother, basically the leader of the Zurg and I guess their mother as well (it would make perfect sense), said, "We come in piece." to Gambino and they struck up a contract involving the energy drinks that they had produced. These energy drinks are: Red Bino and the Zurg energy drink!

The Zurg energy drink has a curious effect to those who drink it: it alters their DNA to turn them into one of the Zurgs. Meanwhile the Red Bino drink counters this effect and turns a former Gaian back to thier original form. Before they became available in the stores there were sold via "lemonade" stands.

I'm not quite sure what happened between Halloween and just before December, but I imagine this is when the Zurg opened up their UFOs to Gaian access. Also the Gaian Resistance forces (I'm combining all of them), the Gaians in Black (GIB), and the Belivers formed.

The Resistance was completely anti-zurg and wanted to eliminate this threat ASAP.

The GIB was a little more moderate, trying to ensure peace between the two races. Well, this is what I gathered anyways.

The Believers were pro-Zurg. They love the Zurg and everything about them.

Of the 12 main Zurgs, 09 also developed a romantic relationship with Wandering Mind and I believe her username is Yuzu K...anyway this was discovered by some of the more anti-gaian zurg and 09 was struck down and taken into care by Mother. Now, 05 was convinced that 09 was finished and started up a topic on it.

This isn't the case, but to take care of 09 I believe Mother had to drain his memories or emotions or something to that effect.

Before Christmas 02, another Zurg, was trying to beam up a cow but Santa had grabbed on and was being to pulled up as well. This messed with the UFO's control, and poor Santa and the cow became tangled and electrocuted by power lines. Somehow this caused Santa and the cow's minds to swap and Santa's body was lost while Santa's mind was stuck in a cows body.

02 felt bad about what he had done, and decided to assist Santa with Christmas. Santa didn't want any help, however, because he didn't trust the Zurg. 02 helped anyway and on came the event in which gaians had to choose a Santa to help.

If you chose to help Cow Santa, you recieved a Cowhide Santa hat for every 5 presents delivered and Long bull horns for every 10 you gave out.

If you chose to help the Zurg Santa, aka 02, you recieved Lucky Stars for every 5 presents delivered and a Watermeat for every 10 presents delivered.

This went on until January 1st, when gold week started. The Zurg Santa had won.

This is all I really know so far. I think that UFO 12 is missing as well, as the word is superimposed on his image. More on the individual Zurgs later.

So, what am I missing? Anything to add?
Sara Hysaro's avatar

Precious Seeker

Okay, you're getting a tad annoying. Please write something more than "Mini UFOs", okay?

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