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You want to take over the ships?

Hell yea! 0.31578947368421 31.6% [ 12 ]
What ships? 0.078947368421053 7.9% [ 3 ]
Zap me! 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Were do I sign? 0.13157894736842 13.2% [ 5 ]
GOLD! 0.47368421052632 47.4% [ 18 ]
Total Votes:[ 38 ]
We in the UFO 04 Army are planing on taking over the UFO's and in the end the mothership. We realise we have to start somewere so we will invade UFO 06 on Saturday, it is not to late to join, just sign your name here then go to UFO 06 on Saturday and post that the ship is being taken over by the UFO 04 Army.

Good luck everyone.

//Melandor, some guy of the UFO 04 Army
Yeah!!! pirate
Ok, it is sturday, lets tke over ship 06!
tell me what you want me to do and i'll do it.

the BEST stratagy is to have everyone post "this ship belongs to 04 now"

in several different threads
i've started the attack... sombody help me!!
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i've started the attack... sombody help me!!

here's a thought.... why don't you tell us where you've started the attack so we can join you to help? ... on second thought, nevermind. there's only like, an hour or so left in saturday.
i have come WAY too late for the invasion but im gonna pull up a lounge chair, get a coconut drink, with an umbrella with a camera, and watch you guys raid a ship (with some people dying) and also watch the ship engulf in flames and blow up.
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*jumps into the raid*""I am on your side*

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