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Hello 04, I hope 06 didn't get mad at you for what I said in the thread.
Thanks for letting us use your UFO.
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Codebreaking Inquisitor

That was so fun!
Yay, we survived! rofl
-takes some fruit punch-
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Aekea Bloodsucker

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Soundz liek fun-izzle. Letz partaaaaay kaaay?

04~~! -clings- I missed you. D: heart
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Cherry Springer
Whooo! Parrrttyy~
Thank you for hosting this, Sunshine!

Yes, Sunshine, thank you!

*turns up the music and dances*
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Dapper Dabbler

Thanks for hosting, Sunshine! ^^
[NPC] alien_ufo_04
As Cherry Springer would say... "Paaarrrtyyy~"
*hands out Zurg refreshments*

Please have fun and enjoy your stay! smile

Thank you nice ship you have here.
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Thanks for hosting Zoit!

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Marching was fun...but this'll be even better~! <3
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...I brought Pocky!


Oh, right, no hugging.

-eats chips instead-
Who wants cookies blaugh
*breaks out giant platter of cookies*

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