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our cause, or reason for this, is to make an army to go against 11 (who was recruiting members earlier today for his army) and to cause action. possibly spurring a development in this event's plot.
tell people that, and also that we need to spread control and tell others, and recruit members to take action. if you tell people that in their threads, and in threads we make, our power will be over everything!
sounds good to me. as of now, 04 will be our official base!
i'm going to 01 to start another branch through a thread
i might need help to start attention
We can take over six right now with no problem.
good, you go for 6, i'll catch you later there.
someone join my thread in 1 to make others come please.
are you still here? the newcomers? bump
I'll help in one first.
bump bumpeti bumpers
what thread are you spreading the word in? you haven't started a new one, so i can't find you to help
sweet. go to UFO 01 and keep posting stuff and bumping to attract peoples attention.
so who all is here? i need status reports
Thread one is taken.
oh, nice work, i've been wondering where you were. i sent you a friend request btw. also, update: this whole UFO is dying. no one is on, and if they are, they aren't here talking
>_< what do we do?
Wait. They'll see soon enough. The ones who are up this late are RPers like me. The only reason I'm not rping right now is because there are no new post in them. The others will want to join us.
i dont understand how ur taking over anything but sure ill help

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