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fires_blaze and I are on a mission to take over the alien ships and eventually the mothership who is with us???
bump. once we have a large enough group, we can do anything. try and contact the NPC's whenever possible, try to bring them here to talk. we want them on our side, and/or in our control.
You know I'm in.
bump. 04, speakk
there you are, my partner. i was getting worried. anyways, we need to spread the word somehow. any ideas?

I've been trying to get him to all day. He hates me doesn't he? crying
lol, we need more gians too though! i'm pretty sure the NPC's will only show up where there's commotion
Ohoh I'll do it! mrgreen I like the idea~!
I've succesfully grabbed ten as well and next is six.
awesome. here's a plan: start a forum on at least one ship besides 4, 10, or 6. then we'll have doubled the space we've covered. send the same message. taking over the ships, and that we need more people. glad you came to help. we need to recruit as many as possible
i'm going to ship 1.
also, for now, this will be our base, until we find a more popular area. so kinda stick around this forum while we're making our own threads to take control. okay?
yip ill help u...
This will be our base all the way through. I'm loyal to Four. We will send the message we are taking over your ship throughout the forums. Unless someone has a better saying.

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