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man i bet they gonna rule gaia and maybe for that system they making theyll be enemys ill say stupid aliens red bull for gaians lol
Aliens ruling Gaia.
That could get interesting!
i have to agree what if aliens did rule gaia? Would we all be destroyed, experimented upon, or some other werid alien thing? Uh-oh i may have just opened up a can of worms that i won't be able to close. OH WELL. *srugges shoulders* Lets see what other people think.
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I would like to say that the GIG [Gaians in Green] are currently enlisting both Zurg and Gaian Agents. We need a Zurg offical [a UFO or Mother] to be an ambassador. We have just started and are in dire need of Agents if we are to be able to help the Zurg and compete agianst the GIB.

- Thank you.

P.S: Unlike most spammers, I'm staying here to answer questions about the GIG to those who wants answers. As long as the question is approved. Really, I will.
aliens rulin gaia will never happen
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Gaians will have half the world of gaia, and zurg the other. Perfect. mrgreen
okay then i need some info then. what are the agents for and why haven't the aliens tried to take over some time ago because as far as i know all outside life is more intelligent then the current people living on this earth.

and to the nonbeliever, ALIENS WILL RULE GAIA (eventually)
....aliens...ruleing gaia?..ugghh legs not go there sweatdrop
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The future of gaia looks bright with the zurg as our leaders.
i doubt they will how would they rule anyway? its stupid
i agree with the last guy...they won't rule!
i don't know what they will do, though.
Well to late we went there. Now what is your position on the subject? Do you think that zurgs will be better, worse or about the same as the current ruling race? I believe that the Zurgs will be better because of all the aliens that i have met so far they seem to be smarter as to what we should be doing with Gaia. Btw this is just my opinon.
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what the hell they want with santa

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