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You like tacos?

yes 0.93548387096774 93.5% [ 29 ]
ew no. 0.064516129032258 6.5% [ 2 ]
Total Votes:[ 31 ]
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Hello this is an extension of my ever (un)popular stand on the mother ship! My favorite UFO is 03 so i decided to open a stand here.
Come one come all! UFOs included!

Come hang out at the best taco stand this side of gaia!

TOday we honor 03 and all his scanning abilities!
Head Chef/Owner- ME!
Chef/ waiter- Genetic Depression fave ufo= 11 (respect him!)

1. Black Cat Fighter- Fav. UFO= 11
2. Ash_angel_911 - (she is the maker of special drinks!) Fav. UFO= Mothership
3. Genetic Depression Fav. UFO= 11

Waiters/ waitresses
1. (head waitress) Mi Takana - Fav. UFO= 02

Workers! Attention! AvalonWitch is allergic to onions! do not feed her any! xd thanks have a nice day.

Application to work
Position you are applying for:
Are you on often:
Do you like tacos?:
Who's your favorite UFO?:


((you don't have to pay))

Daily Special Taco pie.
1 piece- 1 gold

Taco Items
Taco salad-5 gold
Tacos-1 gold a piece
Taco pizza- 4 gold a slice
Taco bowl- 6 gold a bowl

Apple Items
Apple turnover-1 gold
Apple pie- 10 gold
Apples and yogurt. 15 gold

Drinks (1.2 gold a piece)
soda- Coca Cola, sprite, root beer etc.

What's 03's favorite food? <3
What's 03's favorite food? <3

I'm not sure but if he comes in and orders then i'll know!
What's 03's favorite food? <3

I'm not sure but if he comes in and orders then i'll know!

Ok. <3 Thanks.
yep would you like anything to eat?
anyone want a taco! *sits on stool, reading gaian news upside down*
roseline, i thnik you should copy the menu etc from the mothership taco stand... this one is a little bland...
11/03 <333

Yea im going to to that as soon as my comp stops lagging
GO 03! SAVE 12!!!! I believe in you!

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