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You like tacos?

yes 0.93548387096774 93.5% [ 29 ]
ew no. 0.064516129032258 6.5% [ 2 ]
Total Votes:[ 31 ]
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Are those your mules my worker?
Eat at my taco stand! w00t
We serve stuff.
*cooks gai...tacos...* sweatdrop
the UFO should have a special name.
blaugh what kind?

I get it...

Tacos = Gaians

well you get a choice! beef or gaian. biggrin
Oh psh...no veggie alternative
oh a vegan? Well we have tofu for you!
Actually I'm not vegetarian or vegan, just a whistle blower for various causes? I'll take a beef taco, hold the onion, thanks.
xd No problemo!

*goes to the kitchen and prepares a meaty beef taco with everything on it (except onions!)*

*Comes aorund to the front and sets the plate in front of Ava. *
There you go! ENJOY!

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