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welcome to the fight against manga haters evil evil evil

which make me cry wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance crying
p.s I LIKE CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey i heart manga too!! do u read furuba or flcl? their some of my favs. wat about u?

*all manga haters should be forced to watch teletubbies burning_eyes *
socerer hunter
.......all clamp *blushes * so im girl
desendents of darkness
DBZ cause im such a guy
and others fun fun
i hate manga haters too..........i read tons of manga......I heart MANGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!............Naruto is my fav.........YAY!!!!!!!!
Manga rules! Yu Yu Hakusho and Black Cat all the way!!!
I like reading mangas >3! I dun have any favorites, but I'm currently into Fruba, Tsubasa, XXXholic, School Rumble and etc o_o
I love manga too, i've read chobits, dears, so far princess ai, the entire sailor moon series, fullmoon wo sagoshite, ouran high host club, absolute boyfriend, wish, one piece, naruto, tsubasa, luna, xxx holic, othelo, onegai teacher, dragon ball z series, hellsing, bleach, inuyasha, dears, meri puri, 20th century boys, air gear, gantz, hana-kimi, hot gimmick, rurouni kenshin, and fruits basket that i can remember from the top of my head! those are all my faverites!! ninja
Heheh.. Fangirl-ism. xP.

Inuyasha, Naruto, Penguin Brothers, Bleach, Dragon Ball (original, Z, GT), Hana Kimi, Hana Yori Dango.. (I think that's what it was) -Boys over Flowers or something like that in Eng., Furuba (Fruits Basket), Gravitation, Full Moon, Loveless, Love Monster, Mars, Midori no Hibi, Power! (Girl Got Game), Mujuuryoku Shonen (Anti-Gravity Boy.. or something like that), Prince of Tennis, Ruroni Kenshin, W-Juliette, Yakitake! Japan, and a helluva lot of random one-shot type things.. lots of shojou. (sp?) lol.

I'm a fangirl at heart. =]
Manga rules! Yu Yu Hakusho and Black Cat all the way!!!

OO forgot about those! =O
manga is awsome!! 3nodding
my favorite is naruto...
NARUTO!!!!!!!!!! yeps.......i also like chobits, Ranma, and......others that i forget the names of...srry.............
Hey if u wanna be my freind send me a freind request!!! -^^-
......huh.....im bored.....does anyone here draw manga???.........w/e
look......i did it last night when i was bored......lol...
i got a scanner today.... ^O^
anyone like Death note?

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