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Im a dyke.
My mom didn't make a meatloaf for me and my bff, and so i got myself in every direction.
Hmm... neutral One thing, I'm not sure if you're serious or not.
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I believe that's called "pulling a little Billy"
This is disgusting.

Suicide and depression are SERIOUS issues.
Cutting yourself is NOT a joke and it's NOT a way to get attention.
Ahh!!! Oo ramdom xD bordom lol
i take it that your emo, and that's cool and all, but why slit your rists....GOD....i don't understand you people. i'm all for the look, but sliting rists is waaaaay too much for me.
ok if your emo thats cool and all i have a friend thats emo. but when you slit your wrists thats plain disgusting. why cause yourself so much pain and so many scars
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People are hilarious. Ahh, I wonder how long this'll keep up.
~*Amelia Antipatica is the name, dear*~

Why the hell are you singing the Emo Song? Don't make people have heartattacks at their keyboards, you brat. xD

~*Don't wear it out*~
stare that's pathetic. Only moronic fools who care nothing about themselves would do that to themselves. pardon me if i laugh at you for dying young. cheese_whine
seriously. I will laugh at you people if you die young for self-mutilating yourself.
::sings emo song::
What hppend to the cows?
that's uhhmmm interesting..
seriously. I will laugh at you people if you die young for self-mutilating yourself.

i second the motion

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