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* makes snow angel and admires * ooo.. pretty!! 4laugh
* mean kid pushes me onto my snow angel* DON'T MESS WITH ME AND MY SNOW ANGEL!! scream

wait.. there's no anows * cries because she made grass angel instead of snow angel*
<makes a snowman playing the drums> Let's sing carols to 03!
Wee! Snow! *makes a snow dragon* whee

Cool a snow dragon. *makes a sloppy looking snow knight to fight the snow dragon*
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Super Star

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  • Mark Twain 100
  • Battle: KO 200
*runs around in snow and throws snowballs at other people*
*Throws snowball at Hitachin*
*makes Dragon tracks in the snow by carefully combining footsteps*
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Dangerous Conversationalist

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*walks by using nitemare parasol as shield*
sad All this snow and nobody to throw it at!
*Goes berserk and throws snowballs at every one* >=3
*Goes berserk and throws snowballs at every one* >=3

*builds a snow fort out of snow balls and several stacks of snow balls...begains designing a tactical procedure 2 get back at zazarus for hitting me in the ear stressed stare *

*laughs evily at the new plan and snow cannon that was just built*

*loads snow cannon*

*fires snow cannon while grabbing other snow balls*

*while snow cannon distracts everyone starts strategicly taking over the thread snow angel by snow angel*

*muwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha twisted *
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Fluffy Glitch

Snow.. cheese_whine
OMG! so much action! *throws a snow ball at the next person to post*
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Romantic Genius

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  • Conventioneer 300
  • Cool Cat 500
*is hit in the face with a snow ball* O_o??? XD
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Fluffy Glitch

Just beware of the snowballs that have coal inside. Ouchie. cry
stands there confused stareing at people get hit with snowballs and laughs

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