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Fluffy Glitch

I think it's only snowed here in the state capital of California what...twice? maybe three times?

I remember one of the times I was out at my grandma's but she doesn't live in Sacramento, she lives in North Highlands. *hint: Highlands*
yea it never snows here in southern cali anyway besides the mountains. *makes a snow dog*
Wee! Snow! *makes a snow dragon* whee
OOO i made one of those once, but then some snoty nosed kids came and recked it. crying
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Fluffy Glitch

*makes a snow santa cow*
*puts a hat on it.* COME ALIVE!!!! o.o
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Fluffy Glitch

*puts a hat on it.* COME ALIVE!!!! o.o
*builds snow fort, and stocks up on snowballs


*throws snowball at next person to post!
OMG MY EYE!!! THat's it! *packs a good snow ball, Throws it at jlyn*
ah! my eye!

*packs two snowballs, throws snowball at Roseline and the next new

person to post!

take that Roseline! =^_^=

*hides in snow fort!
i PMed 03, we'll see if he comes! =^_^=
*builds la-z-boy in in snow fort

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Fluffy Glitch

1919 is working for me again.

I_I__ 4laugh _I_I
welcome back!

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