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`[A r m o u r]-Lite.
Go cry in the dark, then scream like a condor.
you think your ******** helping when you say that s**t?
Uh people Emos a type of music. Which i listen to and play on my sick violin. smile but anyways cuttings not a good idea my best friend cuts and shes super preppy (shes also bipolar)and umm it really worries me so people dont cut, write sad poems or bit ur nails(its what i do) or play music. Also hang out with ur rl friends (serously u have to have some, or join drama im in drama it roxs) and so all emo is is a state of mind i dress in all pink, but play emo music nad have been told i speack in a dark poetic manner (iwas also voted most likely to be prom queen in 8th grade and im not a sernor yet) so look dont hate the preps most of them r really depressed or something, cause trust me no ones that happy(i hang out with about an equal mix of total preps and goths) Also please dont sterotype i am using what my friends call themselfs, Ok? my bf is really often considered emo (well other than him playing like 10 sports hes wicked geeky really and proud of it so idk hes been called by our math teacher who was goth, indie rocker) so people thats just one snapshot on how its stupid to call ur self emo, unless u write emotionaly destriubed poetry (u can be super happy ur muse is the one with the issues and visa versa)or play emotional HARDCORE punk rock. So rember people emo is not about how much u cut thats call scene in the worst possible way, and goth is a tribe of people who sacked rome. No offence but most people who call themselfs emo r posers

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