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you gotta like people(really or not) to get help in taking over the known universe/Planet.
I'm all for the world domination thing
I get to be the master of torture in the new world order
Birdy Main

don't be giveing me the stink eye.

Anyway, I should get Master technolgy and Social control.
That you could have
*takes out whip*
Tee hee
Well for now we gotta keep low and wait till World war 7 is over, whe nthe German attack Spain. XD

Ok ok, well anyway There's nomore Gold from PM's. ButI never PM. XD
:/ I did...

Can anybody lend me 2k?
Kiara Adachi [Ms. Haku]
:/ I did...

Can anybody lend me 2k?

What for? XD
Never mind
I got it...
Thanks to the awesome Sango-chan
Dang, well one of the clues for the monthly was

Syria Capital = Damascus

What the hell kinda clue is that?

can you get some of the other clues?
What's the capital of Syria?
Damascus(thanks xD)

What was Paul McCartney's band after the Beatles?
The Wings and Crane

How can you hold a bunch of stuff when you've only got two hands?
A Basket

What's that big thing they use at construction sites that's kinda the opposite of a wrecking ball?

Dunno this one..

What do you call the female version of a mixed-up dog?
The opposite of a wrcking ball is a Crane,

And dang, I think its Damascus Back packet(Damascus is cloth)

and Either wings of some sort, or a bird.
Goddess wings, perhaps? Or Crane wings >.>
Well I'm still hoping for ice swords. XD
Kiara loves her flame swords :3 They match her dragon gown.

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