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Cherry Springer
Someone should make their house a shrine to 02... 3nodding Mostly green and black with watermeats, candles and flowers...

Well, we're kind of planning that. Except it's to also 08 and 10,
who have passed away also. sad

Yeah, I missed that. When the hell did that happen?
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Rest In Piece 02 crying crying
*places some flowers and a watermeat on the grave*
i cried when 02 died... crying
this is what i have to say for 02 cry cry cry

he was hated by jealous brothers for his special needs,extra attention, and perhaps even his good spirit.

eventually he became most favored by all and his favorite things: water meat

he even got molested by grey bunnies to find santa cry cry cry

and he gave santa an unwanted break after a mishap during an abduction accident

his brothers didn't like him and were mad at 09 aswell for showing affection to him and gaians and eventually 02s brother and hero shot him in the attemp of killing his brother who had forgiven him

flarn stinks and i wish two good luck while he rests in the great lake in the skie with lots of water meat
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Will always miss 02. heart
I miss you, 02..

Flarn didden't mean it..

I love flarn.. *Hugs*

Although he DID kill 02 by mistake..


Aiiee...I made a slideshow about 02's death on Feb.23 crying What was I thinkin'...
*shakes it off* Must think of the happiness that 02 gave~! ><
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Poor 02
He was so cute giving people gifts after Christmas. =(
I will miss you 02!!! D;
i miss 02 if it wasnt for 02 id still be against zurgs
poor 02.........I loved him...he was for peace...
*Places a daisy on the grave*

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