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what level do you get disembowel?
What u get on witch level is random
it was soooooo easy im to pro

No u'r not
man i have beaten dead rising like 40 time and last almost 5 days in infinite mode
Fi Kiwazori
Man I went out and bought it, thinking it would be a great game, and it is really fun till the stupid convicts come out. How do convicts get a hummer with a 50 cal. into a mall? And after you kill them, how do they re-spawn?

*growls in frustration* Just a lot of the game makes no sense....yes Irealize there are zombies but still. The save system sucks, though I really love the way you level.

The only other complaint I have is the dialogue. When playing on a small screen you can't read it, and they don't say it out loud, which is very annoying.

Though the game can be very fun, itcan also be a pain in the wazzoo!

solution to all ure problems : convicts - at the very start of the game (the first time you see zombies up close n personal) in the mall, when all the zombies break in, one of the men they kill has a shotgun, its under a pile of zombies near the steps on the right but once u get it hold onto it until u meet the convicts, u can get a good 3-4 kills out of the convicts with it cos all u do is kill the guy at the back and take the big machinegun and use that to kil everything.

and u can turn the dialogue volume up i think, most games u can so u better be able to, and if its already on full then turn your other volumes down and turn the tv up smile

oh and for easy traveling, go underground and get the key like straight away, the underground is very easy to maneuvre and seein as theres a car at pretty much all the entrances lifes a lot easier down there (my point being you can use this to travel about underground and find a door routing up thats right next to a save point

hope that helped razz

An eiser way to fight the convict is get the shotgun as this guy mentiond and if your around level 20 or 15 go to the north plaza and head to the gun store(Huntin Shack) and kill the guy in there. a good way to kill him is get behind the tall displays and wait for him to reload the shoot him down with the shotgun. you might hav to repeat this several times. be sure to have OJ or creamer. after you have killed that guy jump over the counter and take the sniper rifles and if you want, the shotguns. then go out of north plaza and find the picnic area with the roof over it. make some zombies get close to the egde of the roof then climb on top of one and jump to the roof. the convicts r usualy stuck between trees. alls you have to do is snipe them. take out the gunner first. the roof is so the zombies cant get you and so you dont get ran over. also after you kill the convicts you take their vehical. it takes awhile to do all this but its worth it in the long run.
I was really impressed with this game, being a Resident Evil fan, I wasn't sure if Capcom could make another zombie as good but they have. Dead Rising is one of the best games I have ever played, the characters are so awesome. Carlito being my favorite. except otis, I don't think anyone likes him. neutral
I agree, Dead Rising is a game with unlimited fun-ness. It has an infinite mode where you can just run around and kill zombies and survivors. Including Otis, who was very fun to kill. : D
I must agree once more, Capcom is very well-known for it's Resident Evil series, but Dead Rising introduces a whole new perspective. Instead of beind hidden in a dark atmosphere, DR is almost colorful and lively. Not to mention the zombies are waaayyy easier to kill. (I should know).
Overall, I enjoyed it and loved it.
You're right my sister, Carlito is verry hott.

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