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The Drunken Usagi
number 2. the Zurg assimulate people through the drink. but your behavior is different from the others...9's was too. i dont think you were Zurg to begin with.

That's an interesting idea...what if he wasn't a zurg to begin with? *Starts coming up with weird and wonderful hypotheses*
If he wasn't a Zurg to begin with, what was he? Certainly not human...he can barely communicate with us...
Or maybe through the transformation he lost his communication skills.
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im helping 02 gife out gifts. she needs santa's help, and to help her help him, ill give out her gifts!!
02! 02! I wrote you a Christmas Carol!


Here comes 02,
Here comes 02,
Right down 02 Lane,
Pora his fluffy polar bear,
Is pulling on the reins.
Bells are ringing, Gaians singing,
All is merry and bright.
Put out all your water meat,
'Cause 02 comes tonight.

Here comes 02,
Here comes 02,
Right down 02 Lane,
He's got a bag that is filled with toys
For the boys and girls again.
See that little UFO fly,
What a beautiful sight,
Leave him all your insectors,
'Cause 02 comes tonight.

Merry Christmas, 02! We love you! <3
02's female?...I thought 02 twas a him.
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Im sorry that o9 is being mean to you D:

I really hope he goes back to normal and is nice to you again. =D

Your pora bear is cute. ^-^

I loves it~ <33
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no. 02, seeing as you are no.02 does that mean you're second in command?
I'm going to help you give out gifts 02~! Cause you're my favorite alien~!
wow i cany find anyone who needs a present -_-
[NPC] alien_ufo_02
haar ro f..f..furendo~
a huumaan furendo tell me saanta give gift to huumaan long ago. make ther wish come t..tru. so me wish "me want brother 9 back. me miss brother 9 he nice to me. bring back brother 9 p..pureesu" me no know saanta can make good thing happen. brother 9 did come back =D so me want to thank saanta

but... when me see him again f...f..finally, he.... different @_@;;;;;
look diff..f..erent.
tok different.
and he not nice to me no more @_@;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
he ev..v..en tell me no see huumaan no more T_______________T

something w..w..wr..wr....ong when saanta bring back him maybe? @_@ maybe saanta hit brother 9's head on wall when he bring brother 9? so me look for saanta but can no find him. me need see saanta so me can ask to fix brother 9 @____@ anyone seen saanta anywhere?

oh..... hm... no tell brother 9 me here... >_>;;
why many brothers tell me no see huumaan furendo? >..<;;; me no like !

*hugs* I hope your wish comes true! whee
I hope your bro will be ok. sad
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Since 02 is going to try and be Santa we should write a christmas story about 'How 02 Saved Christmas' .

I bet that the cows are somehow involved. And 02 sounds Japanese, if you think about it. Although, he is quite clearly Zurg. The cows must be standing in for the Zurg....hmmm...
don't worry 02! 09 will definetly be back to himself! <3
Awww crying I love 02, she's so cute.
Do you think Santa might help her when he sees she has helped? O:
(I do think she's Zurg, she was here before gaians started becoming aliens with the energy drink O: )

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