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Again- good luck Narf ^_^
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those bad people will be burnt to a cinder before they get close to you
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Um, guys? Ithink that 02 has left for the North Pole already. She hasn't been on for 1-2 days... gonk
We wish her mentally good luck XD
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Meh, that works.
But I hope she's ok...
I think we all hope so as well.
We <3's you where ever you are.
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poor 02, i hope you stay okay! we love you 02!
Oh...02...*hugs* What shall we do?! So 09 is not nice anymore...maybe if you give him watermeat as a gift...he might get better! We're here for you ya' know. 3nodding We'll stand by you!

Narf said Furendo's and that means friend in japanese! *huggles 02* you're smarter than we give you credit for!
02 be careful!

Dont be to trusting of strangers!
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Omygosh! Best of luck, 02!

Here's what Santa looks like, so you'll know him when you spot him...
User Image

At least... That's probably what he looks like NOW.

.............................. wahmbulance
I am from the Peoples' Resistence of Gaian Zurg.
.............of Zurg-Gaian-Resistance Cola

[NPC] alien_ufo_02
oh ! red bino no work on us, grav..v.e crying me trai drink befo, but me no tun huumaan T__T ......... ah! shhhhh no tell brothers or mother :> me trai be huumaan during horroweeng ^_^;;; me wanted to trai huumaan cloths ^__^;;;;; but red bino no work on me >.<; sankyu tho.

huumaan cloth so puretty and kewl =D

oh..... me no know that turina. so res..sis..t..ansu good furendo biggrin resi.. hm... can me call you group resetie? me can not say long word well, turina >.<; oh.. the hole time me was with pora bear minis.... saanta was near? >.< neuuuuu.
sankyu =D

me know, metal.otaku. brothers wierd latery. O_o;;; and mother no tell me a lot. wierd O_O;

freya can tell me what saanta really is ? and me hear he give gift to eburyone in one day O_o; how he do that? he have fly ve..v...v..beheecule too? but eben with it, that's so much work @_@
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Helllo, I is Zurg trator. I heer for to help! 02, good luck on mishun!
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dear little 02
please be careful and stay safe
I would be sad
if something happened to you
My <3s go out to you, Zero-Two.

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