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dont worry 02 if you want to find santa just keep going north
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Hey, I wish ya luck, li'l d00d!

Y'know, here's this trick that people where I live whenever we want to go to the North Pole.

In the sky, there are these pictures people make with the stars and there's this one star that NEVER changes and it always points north. That way, once people find it, they know where they are.

Where I'm from, it looks like this:
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XD And the pictures that help you find them are the Big and Little Dipper.

The sky might be different here in Gaia, but hopefully, this will help!

According to this place, the Gaian sky looks like this:
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o_o; (Darned 2D sky!)
Oh, number two...please be careful, okay? I'm sorry that such horrible things happened to you. Good luck with your siblings D= heart
Good luck, little dude. May the water meat be with you!
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*hugs 02* Oh man, oh man, this does not sound good... crying

Good luck on your trip...and siblings...and stay safe...we all lobu you so much...
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Good luck 02, I wish you much luck
Number 2 what music do you like lets show you the wonders of punk, emo, goth, metal, screamo, power pop, and pop punk. We don't need that rap and hip hop and pop clowding your mind cuz you need to be free. I have fun wiht Santa this will be my first year with Santa two I was in a coave so I never got anything.
02 i know you feel bad. I felt horrible when i heard the news about 09... and now he's not himself... go hide with the gaian resistance please! Go hide!!! Be Safe 02!!!!
[Bloody Angel]

02... for your own safety please don't do anything. sweatdrop

I thought you were on Zurg side as me?
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It wasnt santa that did this to Flarn,
Dont worry buddy, Everything will be alright,
Santa will make things better,
You just hold on, and stay strong. 3nodding
02 what ever you do dont tell mother about you finding santa, santa is a gaian and Mother will punish you for talking to a gaian, so dont tell her about you meeting santa!
[NPC] alien_ufo_02
sankyu streekie ^^

oh? that sound vary close to place me was with pora bears, aly..ara @o@

oh. me go to town now~ .


Here 02, I've packed you a care package. It has nice warm gloves and a scarf. There's a thermos of hot chocolate and some water meat over here. And here's the most important thing of all: our love. We want you to be safe!
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02, please be careful!
We don't want you to get hurt! And yeah, don't tell mother about Santa, she probably will get mad. We don't want you to be in trouble, 02, so PLEASE be very careful!

heart We all love our furendo #02!!! heart

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