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Will you help 02?

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@ ShrinkWrapped: From the unknown~! ;O 02 is trying to be Santa this year...there might be some trouble...
Oh course there's gonna be trouble! I'm terrified for him all on her own with only his pora bear the protect her. That is why me and Camare will help in this group of protectors! He must be protected from mean old Santa and her brothers....

If s/he turns like 09 I'll cry my eyes out cry
I made a rough draft design for the cards...even though Lycanisim is making them sweatdrop Oh well...Let's wait for her design..
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I will most defintly be a protector of 02 after all i AM his body guard
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02's a cute little guy! I'll protect him too! His siblings aren't going to get him!
I wish to protect 02. :3
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I'm wondering what's happening if 02 and santa-cow will face each other during giving out presents. Santa almost freaked out cause of the fact that 02 helps him. ninja Hopefully he'll still help him though...
Yay! I sent a pm to become an 02 protector! Whhhhhhhheeeeeeeeee! whee
Hey, I'll help out
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I'll help. 02 needs all the protection he can get.
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I'll protect. 02 deserves our trust and our help. He's willing to help 09 and Santa, so, hey. Let's protect him from anyone who means him harm.
I will help as much as I can 3nodding
o_o Wow, so many new members.
Yay! I got a water meat! whee

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