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The wandering mind...
There is hope still... I slipped, but not again, for him. For all of them.

[NPC] alien_ufo_06
The wandering mind...
[NPC] alien_ufo_06
Dear Wandering Mind. I have a message from 09. Let me know if you wish to listen.

Yes! Of course!!!

First of all, I would like to assure you that 09 is safe. Despite how you may feel about Mother and I, we only wish to help 09... to save him from his current state. We admit that we have made mistakes in the past, but you must understand that we'll do everything we can to restore 09 to his former self... the loving, caring 09 that we all once knew.

And now, regarding the message from 09... he told me to tell you that he still cares for you and the Believers. He deeply regrets what he has done. For putting you through such ordeal and the things that he has done.

He says that he didn't mean to hurt anyone, especially 02. He says that he couldn't control himself in the end and that he finally succumbed to the darkness. However, he doesn't want to make any excuses and take full responsibility for what he has done.

Finally he concluded by telling me to ask you to remain strong and to never give up hope.

Wandering Mind, 09 still cares for you. We'll do everything we can to save his life. Please don't lose hope. Believe in us.


font Believers thread

If we red there, Zooeep don`t said he died >__<
just say Flarn didn`t wanted to hurt
(hurt is different of KILL )

So maybe he didn`t died!
"Your brother is lost, 11..."

The exact words of Mother. He's dead.

"Your brother is lost, 11..."

The exact words of Mother. He's dead.


Isn't it about 09?
Maybe she means 09 is lost because of the darkness
If 02 is really dead, a little part of me is dead inside...

02 can't be dead... I won't believe it! crying
I believe mother said something in towns...about this...
I refuse to believe he's dead. D:<
I dont want Narf to die crying
so I'll keep on believing...
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I certainly hope Narf isn't dead... ; n ;

I will not give up hope!
I'm not going to give up hope either. I think that somehow we'll find a way to bring him back (just as he was before)... maybe if we all try to find a way... he'll come back.

Love and faith(strong belief) are very powerful things.... I believe we can bring him back.

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