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you wanna slave?

NO WAY 0.24336283185841 24.3% [ 110 ]
YES 0.50221238938053 50.2% [ 227 ]
~poll whore~ 0.0 0.25442477876106 25.4% [ 115 ]
Total Votes:[ 452 ]
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Girls don't like desperate guys... it's...


But it's not the same the other way around o_0
Indeed, i have noticed this alarming double standard..but with the desperate women, come men without morals, willing to use the desperation and misuse their trust. In other words desperation attracts scum, and sometimes big hearts who want nothing more than a girl to attach themselve to him rather permanently.....i feel like one of those who could be happy with a girl who won't leave him and like to attach herself to him...i refuse to lower myself to a standard already followed by a majority of men in any case. I could explain in detail why men are not any longer necessary part of todays society, but tis a bit scientific and has definitions not meant for younger ears. But anyways, all men need to rise above and clear the scum off the title of man, and become shining and noble, perhaps even chivalrous to a degree, but women deserve respect, and also not to be taken advantage of. i have said my peace.
hi...*sits in cage and waits with arms crossed* stare
all the beautiful lasses in cages....either i am in a kinky club, or this is my lucky day...so many to choose from....me being one of the few men..
Hmmm,why is people doing this okay girl hoops in cage okay then boy picks wwitch one he like?!?!WTF!WATS IuP wITH PEOPLE THESE DAYS!?!

Don't eat me, I'm just a poor gringo. . .
hi hello!going nice. biggrin smile xd 3nodding blaugh whee wink cool lol razz twisted exclaim mrgreen 4laugh rofl pirate cheese_whine dramallama wahmbulance

i pick you heart blaugh biggrin

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