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you wanna slave?

NO WAY 0.24336283185841 24.3% [ 110 ]
YES 0.50221238938053 50.2% [ 227 ]
~poll whore~ 0.0 0.25442477876106 25.4% [ 115 ]
Total Votes:[ 452 ]
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Lisa garnet carnation
just choose a gilr boys then pm em and im in this thing to

*goes into my cage and waits*
woohoo happy new years!!! lol bump
sonic C Y A N i D E's avatar

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*walks in* Im heeeere!
happy new year everyone
Rokoya's avatar

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*sits in cage bored* yeah. this is exciting... stare
yo whats up
Gaspard Osmond's avatar

Beloved Lunatic

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...um...yeah. Hi everybody.
Rokoya's avatar

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*picks at dirt carelessly* Meh. Nothing much. Just sitting in a cage... Bored out of my mind....
demonhunter_Rin's avatar

Gracious Phantom

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i'm only looking for a friend.pm me if you wanna be my friend!!!
i only have one friend. whee
heart Hey boyse want a piece of me? heart
Rokoya's avatar

7,900 Points
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*rolls eyes as boredom sets in* This is SOOO exciting.... Not rolleyes
hi there femmes and well...heelo gents...but Hi there femmes!! any femme fatales with a knockdead body? i got a grave dug and need a hot chica to put me in it...(now for the less chauvinistic greeting) Hello lads and lassies, how art thouest doing on this fine day/night? well that was flowery speech but anyways..what is up?I ish bored and not very happy with life, looking for someone to make life worth living for....pm me if interested at all...
I belive my qualities are as listed:
cooks, cleans, and works for a living
18 yrs old irl (legal for those who care)
will try just about anything once
comfortable (so they keep telling me, but is it a good thing?)
like snuggles
dislike smoking, but drinking is fine as long as not excessive
interesting to talk to

well now...not that makes me gold star material..i will admit i am not good looking, so it takes a person with depth of character to appreciate me..i am rather slender, and aboot 6'3 i got a pic if ya needs one...and this is getting lengthy so, talk to me peeps..

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