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do you like new years?

NO DUH!!!! 0.69736842105263 69.7% [ 265 ]
i prefer other holidays... 0.30263157894737 30.3% [ 115 ]
Total Votes:[ 380 ]
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u should give a crap u r lucky that i ******** don't know were u live
How do you know I'm not at my house and I'm not somewhere else? xp
every one say party!
i love partying!!!
~e rose~
"Let's Party!" Rose turned on all the lights and music and started dancing wildly.

*shrieks at the light and runs out screaming "MURDERERS!!!"*
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*walks in from a different party*...*sulks in corner...again..* I wonder if people will talk to me Here?
lets party it up yo
i like new years!
hi ppls how are ppl lol
Oke I forgot what the whole post was about.. hahaha o my goshhh me so loser sweatdrop xd exclaim hahaha yeah party
Oohw now I know sweatdrop hahah I luv new years party !! but i dont like new years when theres nothin 2 do rolleyes crying

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