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you the ******** said i was ignorant maybe ithink those are good guns huh wha tabout that and how the hell did you find this thread lol

Holy crap, I see grammar is a major issue here. So you think those guns are cool eh? Well that's fine a dandy, just stop acting like you know so much about them 'kay? Thx Bye
how did i act like i know so much about them
this is the 1st platoon of the 1st regiment of the marines we are the most qualified soldiers for this job.me as the commander will be leading it the assault .we are going straight to the mother ship stealthily moveing by all the other ships we are armed with AR 15 assault rifles with m203 grenade luanchers with bullet proof vests also with desert eagle pistols.when we reach the mother ship we will be placing c-4s in the ship and on the outside ok soldiers end of breifing.you are dismissed.

First of all...AN AR 15 IS NOT A GODDAMN ASSUALT RIFLE!It is a semi automatic rifle, using anything fromm .22 rounds to to .50 caliber bullets.Depends on it chambering.An assault rifle is not an all round killing machine.It is a rifle which is able to fire in EITHER semi automatic mode, OR full auto mode, OR thre round bursts.Plus it has to be chambered for an intermediate caliber amunition.Example .256 NATO round.If they met the above criteria, then they are assault rifles.The AR 15 is not an assault rifle.The M16, which has been DERIVED from the AR 15 is.Before you post, know what you are posting about.

maybe this clear things up= http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assault_rifle
i wanst posting to be a ******** gun nut jesus ******** christ
lol aliens! domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun <invasion nuke the fackers!=
Woah take it easy man!I was in a bad mood that day.And then I saw the AR 15 being reffered to as an "assault rifle"...a common misconception.For some reason it pissed me if.I'm sorry if I acted like an idiot. redface
me 2,sorry
domokun Its about time u've banned 2gether!!!! but u mite b 2 late.... domokun
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