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i will help
I wanna help! These aliens are going down! Though...I dont need a rifle..I have an alien burning gwee...muhahahahaha! burning_eyes
Hah! You puny gaians think you and your supposedly *advanced* technology can beat us? You make me laugh.
i didnt say we had advanced weapons the weapons just kick alien a** thats all
OKAY........i dont really care but i'm bored let's attack good soldiers let's have the independence day back again...oooooh that was a good one twisted
THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING!! If you don't stop your going to be in BIG BIG BIG trouble with many gaians...
Its in my mind save me........................this is the alien speaking u will all surender.................get off my hed some1 help save me ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....................resistance is futile.................some1 help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Omg...AR-15's? ghey. .50 cal sniper rifles? Can't think of the name of one right? noob, BMP-150 or AR-55 would be examples of up-to-date sniper rifles....I'm a gun buff, so it pisses me off when people talk about guns in ignorance. AR-15? thats a civilian issue version of the M4. The U.S. Marines use the M15A3. 30 rounds, 5.56mm and full stock. P.S. the Desert Eagle is a piece of crap. Israeli military side arm. Fires .44 magnum round BUT it only holds 7 shots? wtf is that crap? try a M92RF 15 shots with .45 cal an has full auto capabilities with a 35 round extended magazine. Read and learn you wanna-be gun buffs. mrgreen Feel free to flame or report me, couldn't care less...
you the ******** said i was ignorant maybe ithink those are good guns huh wha tabout that and how the hell did you find this thread lol
You guys are aware that the aliens are leaving, right?
no s**t i know there leaving i made this thread back in november
no s**t i know there leaving i made this thread back in november

Just wanted to make sure you knew.

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