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we gonna mess em up but we attack when i pland it
im ready for anything and ive got one of there robots so ill be a spy cuz most of them hav these things wit them so im in im goin to be a spy if it ok sir ninja ill get there secret plzns if i can
if you can get them pronto since the attck is tomorrow
this is the 1st platoon of the 1st regiment of the marines we are the most qualified soldiers for this job.me as the commander will be leading it the assault .we are going straight to the mother ship stealthily moveing by all the other ships we are armed with AR 15 assault rifles with m203 grenade luanchers with bullet proof vests also with desert eagle pistols.when we reach the mother ship we will be placing c-4s in the ship and on the outside ok soldiers end of breifing.you are dismissed.
what kind of guns or weopons will we be carrying, sir?
i have 99% specialty with all gun types , sir!
wat can i do sir?
can i go ahead and spy on them right now to see wat they are planning ?
okayade _ShotX
Blade _ShotX
kkkYES! SIR!
SIR!!! there seems to be a problem somewhere in the mother ship!
i found that a team called protest the zurg is trying to reck our plans by making a strong wall between the ships and our tents! the leader of this team seems to have been gathering ppl who want to go against our resistence team... this is everything that came out of her mouth sir!:

I've just now seen the unfortunate addition of the Gaian Resistence tents to the map in front of the alien ships. It seems like their planning an attack. It's a horrible thing. We need to counter somehow. Maybe build a barrier between their tent and the ships? The Zurg have thus far for the most part been very nice and don't seem to want to do us any harm, so we shouldn't let our fellow Gaians do them any harm.

I'm trying to get some people to help me! I'm hoping the Believers will support me in this, I've taken the idea to them already, and will likely try and spread it around so more people can see it and hopefully agree to help!
theres no problem we will just keep are plans pul fore the wall i have a shipment of incedinary and highley explosive rounds for the AR 15 and the 50.cal
so the 50.cals can chip the base down and the assualt squad can kick it down
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This is Agent X-Zero of the D.o.G.S. Organization. I have a cease and decest document for this hostile assembly. So as of right now this assault is to be shut down. Any resistance will be answerd by a hefty penalty.
yu cant shut us down
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I never said I could. I am just a messanger. Now I insist that you take the ladder and hault this hostile gathering.
This resistance should be stopped as soon as possible... If you have a problem then you can certainly deal with me on that.. I won't stand for seeing this. If you want to try something as stupid as this then try and face me, i can take down all of you... This is the most stupidest thread i have seen tho. If you really are gonna try something then face me or pm me to face you.. I will be apart of the believers that believer this IS wrong.

And the first rule of combat is true, let YOUR ENEMIES attack you first before you attack them. I am a will known combater even if i seem weak, i have a 100% on guns specialty, 100% on swords and daggers specialty and a 100% on accuary(sp).

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