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yea all they are doing is studying cows for now if they move towards the city then we can bomb them to kingdom come and back!
i know these things im a big beef eater there gonna take all the cows to make people like me weak then attack. ive been thinking this all out
I CALL SHOTGUN! (using both meanings of the word.)
I've seen what the Zurgs have done. They take the curious ones who ask questions and brainwash them. We've tried asking questions. Shoot first and ask questions later. *Punches fist in the air*
thats what im talkin about
I suggest a plan.

First, we take one UFO at a time. Then get the resistances at each UFO to join with us. When the small UFO's are captured, we use the full force of the combined armies to take control and demand peace one way or another.
hmmm good idea then we can also take their weapons and study them and a corpse for study
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All will die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*starts attacking randomely
stand down soldier
man the lazers i am quennn destroy the earthlings
no human shall survive this invasion
KRRRR Nik mon chu we come for cows we dont want to fight you share cows we share tecnoligy.
I'm not sure if we have more advanced technology than you but you sure better give back our cows... since you and your aliean buddies said you won't go wit the peace thing you should look at all the ships 1- well all of em' don't you see all the armies they're forming against you? DO you ???!!!
well either make peace or make sufer.. i'll give you a fact when you look in one's eyes prepare for battle that may not be a fact now but it will be soon!
no human shall survive this invasion

what are you? an elf? oooh! oooh! biggrin let me guess a forest protector or or or you could be one of the aileans little helpers?!
stand down soldier

hey why are these aileans busting into our plans?? we gotta bust them out
i doudt they have better technology or weopons! SO? wat we gonna do?

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