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where is the brig?

where is the brig? what brig? 1 100.0% [ 56 ]
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spanish inquisition style. this ship is under my control and nothing you say will stop me from pwning it. as the new hostile emporer, i command you to go about your daily lives, anyone who takes any action that wouldn't have occured before my hostile verbal take-over will be thrown in the brig. i command you to kick a**, and get along.... at the SAME TIME! make a statue of me out of emoticons.
hi im here to stop the zergs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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under my flippers
The zurg are here now please evacuate this ship or action will be taken!
can someone please donate to me i need 485,498gold for my dream avvy
hi im here to stop the zergs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

same here!!!
if i had my dream avvy we could kill them i would stab them with a pitch fork User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Item List:
Dark Halo
Dark Halo
Dark Halo
Demonic Pitchfork
Guitar of Demona
Jacked Up Boots
Jacked Up Cape
Really Jacked Up Gloves
Really Jacked Up Pants
Really Jacked Up Shirt

Estimated Total: 485,498 Gold
(Estimated with known item values on 24 November 2006)
does eny1 know how to change your hair color and style
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! ZURG! everyone attack, my unnoficial (accepting donations to make them official) guild (working title, the order of the wandering grunny) will be here to back you up!
fire! *empties a 100 rnd m249 SAW clip into zurg* dieee! for the glory of the wandering grunny!
nice title hehhe....
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american death
nice title hehhe....

oh, b-koz you totally took out like 12 zurg with that post.
This ship is legal property of 01, please renounce your claimed "ownership" unless you can obtain the legal document.
what'r you gonna do about it, mister katana man? you're a traitor to our people! if i want to pop caps in zurg a** that's my buisness, and if my ownership (herin spelled pwnership) is so illigetimate, than why do you care? (takes tire iron to zurg headlight) what now? that thing in the () is just a start. the wandering grunny is always armed and angsty! legal document... pfft, i have enough imaginary ammo to rectify (hehe, rectify) any legality. charge, men!

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