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Human 0.52983081032947 53.0% [ 595 ]
alien 0.076580587711487 7.7% [ 86 ]
A friend 0.15494211932324 15.5% [ 174 ]
An enemy 0.055209260908281 5.5% [ 62 ]
A POLL WHORE! 0.18343722172752 18.3% [ 206 ]
Total Votes:[ 1123 ]
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I think that would still make you odd.
It doesn't matter :3
so u mean were gonna get killed by aliens?ahahhhhhhhhh!help!aliens are ******** coming i'll canll the police 191 huh?sorry candy shop i'm calling 919 uhhhhhh. i dun no it!
Aliens left a long time ago.
im in let get rid of the aliens and earn back our right and econemy
The Aliens are gone.
Is there still a resistance ive been abent are the aliens still invadeing?
Fellow humans, it is time to unite against these aliens beast and mass the crud outta their mother ship.
good question...

why are they selling their own drink which will turn a human into one of their own?
answer is easy, what they wish to do is replace our poplution with theirs and make us their servents, those who do not turn successfully, get guted and send back to their homeworld as flesh meat which will be eaten by their poplution. those who didn't get turn will either be fresh meat or be looked upon like an animal at a zoo. however; their main goal is to weaken our military forces and have an easy victory over us.

Are we to let these monster take us without a fight? come, and join me in this fight against these creatures.
we're humans, not animals, our powerful humanity will guide us through the day and like the stars!
our distiny will shine forever more.

those of you that have drinken that disgusting drink they called soda should drink red bino.
only the good old taste of red bino can turn aliens back to humans.

Join this movement right now.

Korrigan Venare
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We would also be more than happy to have any one else who is willing to attend. <3

GIB is hosting a Ball, I recommend we go for 3 main reasons.

1. GIB and us are two different group and we both have different ideals;hoever, our goals are the same and their action means well.

2. It is most likey that other anti-zurg groups are attending as well. If the zurgs surprise attack them and somehow wipe them out. Gaia have lost another section of walls against the Zurg.

3. In every war, it takes lives, but it also takes time. this war with the zurgs might last well over a couple years. So I say enjoy yourselves while you can. Take this time off and have fun.

I would also be attending. I expect anyone who will attend this as well to be dress at their best.
This is what I'll be wearing. More or less.

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See you guys there

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