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alien 0.076580587711487 7.7% [ 86 ]
A friend 0.15494211932324 15.5% [ 174 ]
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A POLL WHORE! 0.18343722172752 18.3% [ 206 ]
Total Votes:[ 1123 ]
Yay! Linkage!
Dalvar's avatar

Codebreaking Genius

Thanky biggrin

Edit: Ooh! I'm in that!
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Codebreaking Genius

Streaky Haddock
Thanky biggrin

Edit: Ooh! I'm in that!
I thought I saw you there!
Hee! biggrin
Oh that GU. But conflict is how all the fun stuff happens...

Edit: Dal, that is an awesome Sig.
Yeah, that's what they WANT you to think!

Oh. I agree biggrin
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Codebreaking Genius

^.^ Thank you! heart
biggrin I wish I could get avvy art like that. The artists that ARE good are busy or never complete their orders.
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Codebreaking Genius


I know what you mean. Actually, a friend drew this for me. But I paid her anyway. XD
*kicks port*

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