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Human 0.52983081032947 53.0% [ 595 ]
alien 0.076580587711487 7.7% [ 86 ]
A friend 0.15494211932324 15.5% [ 174 ]
An enemy 0.055209260908281 5.5% [ 62 ]
A POLL WHORE! 0.18343722172752 18.3% [ 206 ]
Total Votes:[ 1123 ]
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I was simply attempting to point out that order in which one was here is irrelivant, but for a species as selfish and short lived as yours will not likely see such a thing.

And your weak species does not need to step aside, your will inevitably destroy yourselves in some foolishly selfish endevor, and we will simply step in, fix the damage and take your place.
Hatefull lies! When have you ever seen us wearing socks?!
That's some Jerry Springer s**t... neutral
Bah, humans are all the same: "Kill the aliens before they kill us!" "They'll make us slaves and eat us!" "I'm pregnant with alien babies!" Pfeh!

The probes don't spread genetic material, so what you were doing after the probing I'd rather not know. And frankly I find it hard enough to have a conversation with your hideous patches od random fur and frail bodies let alone get close enough to kill you, I might get some blood on me.

And do you know how many parasites humans have on their bodies? I'm not eating that!
Hey! You call humans frail creatures, but look at yourself! You rely on your advanced technology to keep you safe. You may find this hard to understand, comming from a "primate" like myself... but ask yourself who is smarter. The side that underestimates the other, or the side that takes precautions to make sure that we are on our guard if something does happen. You just contemplate that while you sit in your little cage.
We rely on technology no more than you do.

Without your technology humans fell prey to just about everything with sharp teeth out on the savanah. Learning how to make spears turns the table.

Now you have gun, and nuclear weapons capable of destroying your planet many times over to protect yourself, but without technology you are still hairless primates.
*laughs to himself*

I like how you avoided the question... Besides, you, yourself are no different. So, thinking yourself more advanced... does that make your kind delusional, or just hypocritical?
Just because I am indeed delusional does not mean I am necessarily wrong.
It also doesn't make you correct. If you are indeed a higher form of life, then maybe you should be beyond the point of trying to act better than other creatures. If you are indeed better than humans, maybe you should have been more careful not to underestimate us...

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson.
I maybe underestimating your planet... but at least my species can do this! *Walks into the cieling of his cage and hangs there.*
*gives the caged alien a dirty look, and replies in a smart assed tone*

Right, because I really want to get a head rush, and a nose bleed... Very nice... But at least I am not in a cage, and I can walk to the fridge and get some food! HA!

*walks to the fridge to get some food*
Duntada Man
I maybe underestimating your planet... but at least my species can do this! *Walks into the cieling of his cage and hangs there.*
walk up or walk down, it makes no differences, your speice's plan to take over gaia will fail, your plots to make us slaves will fail, and most of all, you have made a fatal mistake by bringing so little ships with you, we shall sieze those ships and use them against you
Thats not something to baost about thats just creepy.
What is all this about??

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