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Dat's not ******** funny, its racist to me.
Dats not funny, its racist to me.
DOOM 7987
Plz if you have good Yo Mamma or any other kind of joke quite frankly, post it. Because we all know we love jokes xd xd xd xd xd xd

Your mama is like AOL slow, easy, and cheap! xd
Ok so there were 3 guys one was gay one was greedy and one was glutionous. So one day they all died and went to hell where the devil said " I will allow you all to go back to earth if you stop a** raping guys *points to they gay man*" he says "OK" and appears back on earth. "You stop being greedy and steeling money! *points to the greedy one*" he says "OK" and is sent back to earth. "And you stop being so glutionous!*points to the fat man*" He says "OK" and is sent back to earth. So back on the earth the Fat man Passes a restaraunt and cant help but stop in and eat after which he goes back to hell. Then the greedy man sees a hundred dollar bill in the drain and fights with himself to not pick it up. He cant help it so he bends over and to pick it up after which he and the gay man are sent to hell.
Get it?! (Just so you now I have nothing against gays or lesbians I heard this joke when I was spying on someone) xd

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