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Now Zurg's don't make me bust out ma 45's
i am with you
um how do u get thepresents on here
And I guess this topic os out of style or somthing.
i agree lets take out the zurgs ship one by one
Hey r u guys made from stupid juice?? maybe zurgs will help humity and gaia and make it a better place. They will probebly make an army for protecting humans/zurg. But if human want wars and kill them because they probebly making a peace plan then zurgs will fight back. You also have to remeber they have 10000x more technology then we do.
This is why my dream of star wars will never come true becouse people hate alien and they always will.........

also mentioning that 02 saved chrismas.
and the only reason they kidnapped santa was to nagotiate with earth leader yesh....
hmm, I'm guessing that this topic is still going. strange =P
you guys are funny... and kinda weird...
kill destor all zurgs
should this topic or somthing be deleted by now? *shrugs*
sweet, noone replyd hear biggrin

what is a Zurg ????????????????????? sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop
what is a Zurg ????????????????????? sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop

I see that your new hear, welcome smile . Anyways, a Zurg is a alian. Anyways, from Sept or October thrue January or somthing, the Zurgs landed hear for some reason. But, just ask someone that knows this whole thing well.
Kill all Zurgs! *Whips out two Colt Single Action Armies*

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