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Gaians (booo) 0.63157894736842 63.2% [ 108 ]
ZURGS ALL THE WAY BABY!!! 0.36842105263158 36.8% [ 63 ]
Total Votes:[ 171 ]
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kirikal, you sicken me, your grammar is terrible and you give the rest of us zurg a bad name, so what 02 has a bad speech too, at least she has a reason why she can't talk right, she is too young and well, she hasn't studied the language of gaia quite yet like the other Zurg have.

Nieh nieh nieh (Annoying mimmic thing) Yeah yeah. How is my grammar terrible? I'm using Apostophes (sp?) And Periods when needed I think I made 1 error and that's because I type to fast
Hey if anyon ewants to RP i made an RP site here
its a school snowed in fantasy RP just post the profiles and read the rules we need 2 girls and 2 guys
hate you all
-glides eerily into the room, preceded by billowing mists- You zurg will not be allowed to destroy the Gaians. The vampires of Gaia will stand against you. Gaia is ours!!
nay! you aliens may have technology but we gaians have muti species and fishing rods! twisted
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Okay screw this whole piece shtick. We're goin after what we came here for...We will turn all the gaian's into cows and use their Milk to fuel our ships then we will rule gaia!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAH

You should watch some Sci-Fi while you’re here. The human normally always win, why because aliens can’t think like we do.
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....omg....the zurg are....being stupid, how predictable.
your didn't fill those big heads with brains, you just stuck an air pump in your ear and your all green cause your suffocating.
Zurgs + A war = Gaian Victory

Hahahaha! You Zurgs will never stand a chance against us, you might aswell go back to your little toy ship, and leaves us Gaians alone. stressed sweatdrop
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Go away lil alien critters. talk2hand
Can't we all just get along?
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You all need to die </3

Go kelpies!
And fish people.
Aliens would never win! Gaians are more special than you! blaugh
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