zOMG! Forum Frequently Mentioned Issues

Welcome to the zOMG! Forum. The zOMG! Forum is a forum dedicated to the discussion of zOMG! , as well as feedback on the game, questions related to zOMG! , guides on in game content, discussion on the ongoing development of the game, and more. While Gaia appreciates all feedback and suggestions for the game, there are some we wish to discuss here. Below are a list of the most frequently mentioned issues with a brief description of what they are.

Please note that these Frequently Mentioned Issues may be changed, updated, or modified at any time. While Gaia appreciates suggestions and comments, if your topic is one of the FMI's mentioned below and does not meet the criteria for discussion for these issues it may be moved. Please read carefully and help us help you by being sure that you are adding new suggestions or ideas rather than repeating something we have already covered.

  • Remove Soulbinding from Rings
    - As of December 8th, 2008 all rings obtained in game are soul bound. Soulbound means the rings or item are bound to your account. This means you cannot trade, sell, or gift the item to another user. Currently there are no plans to remove soulbinding from any of the rings granted after the previous stated date. For more information see the Soulbinding and Rings sticky. Please note that rings bought from the Cash Shop, such as the Sweetheart Ring, are unsoulbound, and will remain that way, regardless if they are equipped or not.

  • Future Chapters
    -Information on future chapters will be released at the development team's discretion. Please refrain from creating any thread solely asking when or if future chapters will be created.

  • Fix the Lag
    - Unfortunately, running any game over the internet can lead to lag or connection issues. Before creating a thread on this issue please assess your own system for possible problems that could be leading to a connection slowdown on your system.

  • Make New Rings
    -Information on future rings or game items will be released at the development team's discretion. Please refrain from creating any thread solely asking when or if future rings or items will be created.

  • Make zOMG! 3D
    - zOMG! and Gaia at large is a site focused around two dimensional Avatars. Any change to this system is currently unlikely and would require a drastic shift in direction for Gaia Online as a whole.

  • Level Cap
    - Currently in zOMG! the CL Level is capped at 10.0. There is no way currently to exceed that limit, though this may change in future additions to the game, though it is currently unknown.

  • Downloadable zOMG! Client/ Make zOMG! Downloadable
    -zOMG! is a game designed to be played through an internet browser much like Gaia Online's other Flash environments. Due to this a zOMG! Client is unlikely to be created. Please see the following post by the development team for more information

  • Vivox Support on other Browsers
    - Vivox Voice over Internet Protocol is a service provided by Vivox and is not a system created by Gaia Online. Due to this, Vivox determines what browser's it will support for it's VOIP program. For more information please see the Vivox Website

  • Add a Player vs Player System
    - a Player vs Player system is currently being considered, though any future addition of a PvP system to zOMG! is at the development teams discretion; at present the implementation of such a system is hampered by time and resource limits. Please see development teams post on the PvP system here

  • Change the Tutorial back to how it used to be
    - the Tutorial System was changed to require less time to complete in order to allow more users to get into the game more quickly. Please see the developer post here on the issue.