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Hey guys, as promised... here are some more concepts/WIP from zOMG! This time we're sharing some new NPC designs. We have big things planned for the DMP area in the future and needless to say, it will involve vampires (you thought Zhivago was badass, just wait until you meet Kamila).

Anyway, the following concepts were created and animated by our talented Gaia artist, o_8. Please give him a shout! smile

User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image

And checkout some of Kamila's test animations here:


We plan on showcasing more zOMG! artwork each week, so stay tuned. And don't forget to enter the coliseum raffle contest. It's your chance to get immortalized in zOMG!
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Buggy Glitch

Wow. Incredible!
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Perfect Saint

Sweetest stuff I've seen so far.
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sexy ^^ nice drawing
Kamilla is fecking AWESOME. DMP was my favorite area. I'm so happy to see that you'll be expanding it. x3 It was waaaaaaay too short.
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Shy Werewolf

User Image The Way of the Sword User Image

Vampires are shapeshifting globs of blood?

Also, o_8 I love you. owo

As a side note... just make sure not to show us *too* much. We all love new stuff... but if you show us too much, there won't be as much "OMFG THAT IS SO AWESOME" when it actually comes out.
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hmmm her boss form seems hard as hell to kill xD

i was tired of Eb anyway lol
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o w o cool JK, can't wait to see more stuffs O:
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Dangerous Genius

Wow. Cool stuff. Ian was right to worry about vampires.
Very Nice Can't wait to See Kamilla heart
Omg. If it takes 3 years to come out I will cry! crying It looks AMAZING!

/wants now
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In response to the last animation:
it looks like Karmilla is going to be teleporting like the Sand Castle Golems. Is Karmilla's animation going to begin before or after she teleports? Because my time soloing Duneslam tells me that castle will teleport in front of you, and then visually appear about a second later.
Oh, and my favorite attack animation would have to be the mid-air roundhouse kicks from number three, but I like some of these transformations as well.
These really are badass.....
*Orgasm* Whoaaa thats definitely worth waiting on 4laugh

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