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zOMG! Bug Fixes?

YES! 0.49106145251397 49.1% [ 879 ]
NO! 0.036871508379888 3.7% [ 66 ]
Bug Fixes! <3 0.20502793296089 20.5% [ 367 ]
Mantises! 0.021787709497207 2.2% [ 39 ]
Facial hair! (The Maggot Option) 0.024581005586592 2.5% [ 44 ]
Gimme gold! 0.22067039106145 22.1% [ 395 ]
Total Votes:[ 1790 ]
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Can you fix that massive lag that actually lags out people in DMS or anywhere actually, because once you refresh it your stuck at the loading screen so long you might as well consider yourself either Disconnected or your character is going to the null thank you.
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Not really a bug..But i'd like to see the Hunters Bow buffed a bit..increase the damage a little D:
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ok, my gaia is buggig much
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I think I've noticed a bug where if you lower your level to do a quest, it locks the level permanently? I've not been able to change my 2.9 back to the 3.1 it was before.

EDIT: Nevermind, I just had to restart zOMG.
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I think we all agree that putting a Gold Limit on zOMG was not the best of ideas. Some just like to play for fun, I also have a question: Are quest Nerfed too after you hit 50k? If so they shouldn't be ATLEAST!!!
-Angel Anteros
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I'm having a major issue with ZOMG at the moment. It started a few hours back, but I no longer have the ability to navigate the map downwards. I can go up & left & right, but there is no golder arrow for going down anymore. Is this happening to other people or is it just my avatar or saved game that's gone tits up? Any help would be amazing cause I want to get back to the game as soon as possible.
my account is stuck loading buccaneer boardwalk I cant do anything
There's a sound problem; when you turn the game sound off, the sound of the panting from when you have low stamina and the sound of heartbeats when you're health is low still play.
The panting problem PLEASE FIX THAT! lol it sounds weird when you're in your room and you run out of stamia lol
The lag was fixed today
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Rock Armor has been having problems, It won't rage you sometimes and it won't work sometimes.

Also this lag is unbareble.
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* Describe the bug you want fixed - what exactly is going wrong.
* Please describe how this bug negatively impacts the zOMG! player experience or impacts your ability to enjoy/play the game.
* Let us know how long this bug has been affecting your game.

*Hey i'm new here and i just played zOMG today,
but when i get quest to upgrade my ring to 2.0
i come into the crystal, upgrade my ring and poof
i can't click the npc inside the null chamber
*Ofc people will get stuck in like level 1.4 and they will leave zOMG
*People said it's since the game was built


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