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zOMG! Bug Fixes?

YES! 0.49106145251397 49.1% [ 879 ]
NO! 0.036871508379888 3.7% [ 66 ]
Bug Fixes! <3 0.20502793296089 20.5% [ 367 ]
Mantises! 0.021787709497207 2.2% [ 39 ]
Facial hair! (The Maggot Option) 0.024581005586592 2.5% [ 44 ]
Gimme gold! 0.22067039106145 22.1% [ 395 ]
Total Votes:[ 1790 ]
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Mademoiselle Kit's avatar

Questionable Genius

Fix the DMS glitches, please.

Also, if we were able to see the stats of rings again, and also if Kam's Curse/Abuse got an image, that would be great too.
Exphy's avatar

Dangerous Phantom

* The Village green Gnome "mansion" bug, where once you enter inside on either easy or Normal difficulty, it stops spawning.
* This stops players from completing one of the earliest quests due to the fact the gnomes completely stop spawning. This potentially throws off new players from zomg due to the fact they're already seeing bugs as soon as they get into it, and thus diminishes the player base, as well as making it almost impossible to complete the quest alone anymore.
* This bug has been around for around a year now with no resolution :c
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IRL Healer

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most of the stuff I want fixed probably won't be
[lag/better servers/getting stuck loading]
Shannon-Jeva's avatar

Divine Abomination


Bloodlust: no bats glitch. At certain points in Kam's healoth, a swarm of bats is supposed to appear. On some servers, they don't.

For me, personally, this make Bloodlust way too easy and boring. There doesn't seem to be any challenge whatsoever without them.

Been about a week that I've heard about it? Experienced it last weekend.
GoldSundara's avatar

Shadowy Gaian

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*Username: Goldenringpop

* Describe the bug you want fixed - what exactly is going wrong.
This is a problem for a lot of people: not being able to talk to certain NPCs in zomg. I'm not sure why it's like this, but it's been like this for a long time.

* Please describe how this bug negatively impacts the zOMG! player experience or impacts your ability to enjoy/play the game.
I cannot complete the plotline. I got up the the point where I had to complete the Otami Twins' quest. after I finished I went back to the cliff and couldnt talk to them

* Let us know how long this bug has been affecting your game.
Not sure...a year?

Please tell me this can be fixed.
Mastermind_BTG's avatar

Golden Demon

* Crew panel CL glitching
* This glitch confuses alot of crews and waist alot of time gettting to the point. when people are lowering there lvl for maximum loot and orbs in DMS it most of the happens but it goes back to how it should if you refresh the page but that happens to get really annoying
*this has happened for quite a while but im sure you know about this.
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Angelic Cat

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I wanted to do the quests again on my mules just for fun.

Some of my mules got stuck in village greens b/c Leon refuses to talk to them. When the tutorial was changed, they got caught in the glitch of Leon being broken.

While it affects my mules and it doesn't matter much for me, it is a bug that I know affects others. I would like to see it fixed just so that more users can do the quests in village greens.
Akaru-Hime's avatar

Savage Bloodsucker

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stuck in trees/treelines
it makes it to where one can not move or really do anything if they are lucky they might be able to attack
and i personally have been like this for 2+ months and the /stuck doesnt work
o-o J a c k 's avatar

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*Smooth Kiss
* The invailed(ghost monster), the lags (mostly in the saw mill) and the crew panels wont apered
* You get confused witch one are the inveilds(ghost monsters) and its hard to attack. The lags makes it impossible to play and the crew panel you can not see how your crew member are doing in the game.
* The invailds like about 6 month, lag 3,months and the panel 3 month.
Apple Blossom19's avatar

Eloquent Exhibitionist

Mademoiselle Kit
Fix the DMS glitches, please.

Also, if we were able to see the stats of rings again, and also if Kam's Curse/Abuse got an image, that would be great too.
^ This xD However, most notably the Kam Quest/Alastor's Final Quest. cat_sweatdrop

and really, thank you Sisky!!!! heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
Fluffeh Whip's avatar

IRL Kitten

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Woot second page o-o
Shannon-Jeva's avatar

Divine Abomination


Bloodlust: "G-glitch". On some servers, Kam will sit right on top of you, like how when you target another player, and press "G".

This makes tanking Kamila very difficult, and most people don't even try to.

It's been going on for a very long time.
Mizlazzybugz's avatar

Swashbuckling Sex Symbol

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i hate the saw mill glitch...saying you can't enter because you didn't talk to that one dude, but i finished that quest and it still won't let me in
iEvox's avatar

Shirtless Sex Symbol

* iEvox
* Stuck on a very old quest that I believe is years old, Upgrade Your Ring, I can't talk to Elizabeth.
* Unable to have a perfectly complete quest log for some older accounts.
* I don't remember but I do know I tried playing zOMG! when it first came out and I went on a hiatus from Gaia Online for quite a lot of years.
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Invisible Fairy

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You all have done a really great job with zomg...

I hope at some point you will upgrade the areas already there.. like otami. and such to possibly give another section for a level above 12.

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